Observing our antics

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“You can’t plant apples and expect to grow oranges”. This is a much used saying by someone I know pretty well. It is often said in an exasperated mood, while musing about the antics of folks in our sector.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” said Albert Einstein (apparently).

Since a lot of human behaviour is driven by unconscious urges, sometimes I wonder if many of us need to include some form of exercise in daily routines that is geared towards optimising mental health.

If I spend my waking hours on a conveyor belt that simply surges forward without me having an overview on the direction I’m heading in, then I can’t expect to find myself in a place that gives me much pleasure or fulfilment.

It might look eccentric when I choose to step aside and take in the scenery around me before deciding what to do next, but there’s a fair chance that I’m doing the right thing in such moments.