Occupying a public space

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Crossing the threshold from one level of doing things in public to another is usually a time of intricate inner work for many people.

Most public figures probably need to deal with the aforementioned feeling at one point or another. They are either given opportunities to do so, with the promise of guidance and support to catch them if they fall, or they seize the moment and move on to the next level.

Witnessing the debates in some forums about the pros and cons of an artist choosing to take a particular path towards being seen and heard by audiences can be illuminating. There is no doubt that it requires a specific sort of discipline to achieve notoriety as a luminary in the high brow performing arts, for instance.

This fact does not give a badge of exceptional talent to every person who chooses to follow that route towards reaching the public. On the other hand, the fact that someone does find a space or a spot in the public eye doesn’t mean that they are especially talented. As a wise person once told me – in the end, the tactics for finding a luminous spot are actually the same, regardless of the medium or genre one is involved in