On social dynamics

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Thank goodness that some relationship dynamics improve from the way they begin. If this was not the case, I would have missed out on many exciting experiences with folks I’ve grown to admire or like. There is a sense however of mistrustfulness always lingering in some cases, especially with those I got to know as a boy or as a young adult.

Has there ever been a situation where I’ve eventually warmed to someone I was wary of in childhood or adolescence? I don’t think so. Perhaps there is something pure about the vibrations that young people feel towards each other.

As one becomes hopefully more mature, I try to manage my feelings of mistrust or antipathy in order to conduct business or to simply be civil in encounters with those who happen to function on similar turfs. Having said this, it has been a major issue in my career as a creative person that I find it hard to pretend if I feel I shouldn’t be sharing space with colleagues who appear to have different terms of reference, approaches to work ethics or values to mine.

Even after so being around for so long, I have found myself in situations in recent times where I suppressed my intuitive feelings about interacting with certain individuals. What I’m discovering now, is that it is probably not worth the effort. If we are supposed to get along when our paths cross, it should happen naturally.

Listening to my gut instincts tends to produce the best results. It also saves me a lot of energy I would have frittered away in the past, aiming to be “diplomatic” or “professional”.