On space invasion

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In some circles, folks like to nurse romanticised feelings about particular inclinations. They disapprove of loners for example. Enjoying one’s own personal space is regarded as odd.

 What is it that triggers people when they see loners at close quarters? Do they take it personally? If so, what are the stories they’re telling themselves about what they observe?

It is true that communication is an important aspect of human life. Those who prefer to do it in small doses are not necessarily commenting about anyone else when they opt for periods of solitude.

Pressure is applied to ensure that they conform to the expectations of their communities. When things go pear shaped as a result, the person under pressure gets blamed for not being forthcoming, or outgoing.

Keeping one’s own counsel is as natural as any other aspect of personal growth or development. Everyone gets to make his or her own contribution most effectively when he or she is allowed to simply be.