One man’s oddball

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Ambition and the courage to follow through on the promptings of one’s inner voice can make a person appear to be an oddball or eccentric.

There are situations when each of us has to pay attention to the shrubs and weeds growing in the garden within, but as long as one is not breaking the law, or stepping on anyone else’s toes, why should a person hold back from aiming to create reality out of a vision?

In some cultures, children are taught to be cautious and wary. Are they being given opportunities to develop the muscles that make something out of nothing, or out of raw materials?

If one has been lucky enough to be encouraged to be authentic to self in the crucial years when a person’s mindset is developed, then it is possible that he or she will make unique and remarkable contributions later in life.

Obstacles can be overcome, whether they are physical or psychological. The initial conditioning is a key factor, however.