Opportunistic tricks

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Some call it “obeying the breeze”. Others regard it as being opportunistic. It takes a specific sort of knack to visualise new possibilities and to make the most of events and circumstances as they happen.

Those who have this attribute are probably able to make lemonade out of lemons as a matter of course. When they work in collaboration with others, they want to follow through on ideas, not always remembering to be mindful of boundaries as they surge ahead.

They do their utmost to generate enthusiasm from their colleagues, but when they sense that they are not likely to get what they want personally out of a sequence of events, a passive aggressive mode kicks in. Why should a colleague derive more benefits than them from the situation, even if he or she has been generous with time, energy or contacts?

Sadly, there are many artistic projects that fall by the wayside, due to the self centred mindsets of people who are unclear about the pros and cons of investment in growth.

When an artist’s fingers have been burnt enough times from dealing with colleagues who have those inclinations, he or she is likely to want to function as a lone ranger. Who can blame them for so doing?