Opportunities for an upgrade

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Some folks like to do the dishing out. Whenever opportunities arise to draw attention to the shortcomings of their adversaries, they are quick on the draw. But many of us were taught at school that there are bound to be reactions to actions (in most cases).

Those on the receiving end of the rudeness or bullying (and their supporters) decide to reciprocate, accusing the instigators of being “racist”, for example. Then the aggressors hit back, claiming that the term is being misused. This type of communication has become fairly predictable and banal in current times.

Why do we expend so much energy on constantly repeating the same patterns? Is it due to the fact that there are some folks who haven’t made up their minds about whether or not it is a good thing to pick on people because of differences of appearance, heritage, belief, ability or anything else?

Is it also possible that the immediacy of access to smart phones and social media platforms has created a situation where people are more likely to express unpleasant emotions that lurk in their subconscious minds than ever before?

Smart phones and social media are basically tools. Perhaps our education and belief systems need to be upgraded to include more guidance for everyone about regulating the thoughts and feelings that they express to others.