Options and joyousness

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Isn’t it wonderful that human beings have so many options to choose from in various situations?

Due to upbringing, conditioning, social mores and codes, sometimes we forget that we have more agency than we think.

Some folks get excited by particular things they see or hear. Those are the things that float their boats, so they want the world to know about them.

If their contemporaries are interested in different events, then that is the way of the world. In the moment it could seem like making a choice at variance with the flow of enthusiasm is a comment about the tastes of those who are excited.

In reality, there is not much use in jumping on bandwagons, just for the sake of eye or lip service. Truth, honesty, authenticity and similar virtues are useful in building trust. Isn’t this where value lies for most of us?

Originally published on www.juwonogungbe.com on the 4th of December 2019