Originally dignified

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We can’t turn back the clocks, obviously. It would be interesting to understand the mindset that made so many of our forebears feel inclined to assert influence and authority over folks they encountered in lands far from where they came from originally.

Traces of those tendencies are still present in the UK honours system. Perhaps this is the reason why it feels odd to observe descendants of folks who were formerly colonised, appearing to be so proud to receive gongs that refer to notions of empire.

At the heart of the issue is the way we see ourselves and our genetic inheritances. Folks of all backgrounds make good and not so good choices. This has always been the case and is likely to remain the same in the future.

Do we have to carry the weight of mistakes made by those who came before us? Sometimes we are born into situations where we just have to make the most of the breaks we’ve been dealt, to start in life.

If we gain access to decent education, we should have the wherewithal thereafter to assess suitable ways of transforming our circumstances.  Accepting a less than satisfactory status quo is a choice, at the end of the day.