Owning decisions

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Is there a rhythm, rhyming pattern or reason that can serve as a compass for making life decisions? After early childhood, why should anyone feel they know what’s best for others?

I was approached to be involved in a performance project a few months ago. Initially, I felt wary about accepting the job, but I didn’t want to simply reject a possibility without reflecting on the reason for my sense of foreboding.

It was while I was in bed later on that I had a sudden flash of insight about the way the project had evolved. Suffice to say that it wouldn’t have made any sense for me to commit my time and energy in that situation.

In a call to the person who offered me the job, I explained that I did not want to be featured as a utility performer in any project. The response I received gave me the feeling that my statement was heard as a sign of arrogance.

Do performing artists have to resign themselves to careers of waiting for the phone to ring? Good ideas, organisational flair and drive flow freely from multiple sources.