Paths in the arts

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“Tending to my inner garden” is the way I used to describe the work I needed to do to remain creatively engaged. Nowadays I look at videos of folks who committed their lives to being involved in the arts and I can see that there are many potential pitfalls along the way.

Some of us are lucky enough to find sensitive collaborators who are willing to take on the bureaucratic side of the work. The delicate balance to be maintained between nurturing creative development and building relationships with audiences needs to be treated with care.

When an artist is described by others as “difficult to work with”, in some cases, he or she is having to battle against interests that are not aligned with the things that really matter in the arts.

The record business attracts many folks who claim to be interested in “artist development”. Most of them are simply looking for ways to hit the jackpot, but are not interested in the actual process of growth.

Perhaps a holistic approach to being creative is what every artist needs. Finding it is easier said than done.