Paths to self knowledge

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Once upon a time, I used to attend a group meditation every Sunday. I can’t say I shared much in common with my fellow attendees, but I was committed and probably spent a couple of years with them. The process of being involved in each session has contributed immensely towards self knowledge for me, so I’m grateful for the experience.

We sat in a circle and were led in our meditation by a kind and gentle woman. At the end of each session, we would have a discussion about what we experienced in the stillness and quietness. There are diverse opinions about what should happen in that time. Recently, I have been told that one should aim for a complete blankness. In those days, I used to see a dream like sequence of images.

Our group leader was of the opinion that seeing the images was a valid way to meditate and she would ask if any of us had seen anything. On the occasions that I told the group what I saw, she would help to analyse what the images could signify and what it could possibly mean for my life at that point in time.

Nowadays, I rely on dream dictionaries that I find online, to decode what my subconscious could be telling me. It is comforting to know that I needn’t be literal in my interpretations of what I see.

While it is true that we are one on a spiritual level, it is probably beneficial for each of us to have a process for truly engaging with our personal inner lives. If we get in touch with these, it is likely that we can make worthwhile contributions to the well being of the collective.

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