Pathways to production

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It makes sense that there are orthodox ways and means of making things happen. If such pathways didn’t exist, too many people would find it difficult to achieve their aims.

On the other hand, human beings have a lot more agency than they think they have. As an active observer of processes through the years, there have been many times when I have looked at completed work and felt numb, because I could easily imagine the way the work was done.

Colleagues who believe they have reached a level of maturity in producing things might occasionally get a chance to catch a glimpse of a unique approach towards creating art. Often they assess what they see, based on the boundaries of the comfort zone they claim as their own.

Ensuing conversations about what they have seen can be useful, if the observer/colleague is interested in revitalising his or her own process. Debates about the pros and cons of doing things in one way or another are seldom useful for anyone.

Being an artist should be as much about attention to detail on the journey towards creating art, as it is about the art work itself.