Peace of mind for everyone

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Everyone has a predestined path to follow, or so I’ve been told. The randomness of the way we are conceived, entering into this world to sometimes make ripples and at other times just be present hasn’t been successfully explained to form any pattern that makes sense to me, however.

A couple decades ago I visited Lagos. I hadn’t been there for almost twenty years, so it had changed in several ways, even though I still had a sense of bearings from when I lived there.

I was immediately struck by the teeming population growth in the city. It felt intimidating to contemplate the process of providing social services for all the people living cheek by jowl in the inner city areas.

When I mentioned my thoughts about this matter in conversation, I was told “People will breed”. I didn’t have a response to this assertion at that point in time. Maybe I was thinking too much about each individual life and the quality of that person’s journey.

Is it possible that human beings can be taught from childhood about the importance of giving each person the best possible range of prospects in a lifetime?