Perception and the passing of time

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One of the privileges of hindsight is being able to reflect about one’s perception of social structures and hierarchies. What it was that made a person appear to be luminous or striking in a fellow being’s estimation at a different point in time, for example..

In the cold light of day, it becomes clear that perception and reality are not usually identical. This is one of the reasons why the path of an artist can be so revealing, especially if the creative person has allowed his or her mind to remain open to a wide range of experiences.

Since no one can ever know everything, it pays to be humble in dealing with everyone. Proficiency in self knowledge is attainable more than anything else.

Occasionally we come across another person who can touch places in our hearts. Years of separation might create distance, but we remember what it felt like to spend time with him or her.

If we are lucky, paths cross again and some of the energy can be rekindled. Encounters also happen that leave us wondering why we were fascinated before.