Perception with attitude

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Attitude is interesting. If you grow up in circles where you take it for granted that doors will open to you easily, it might seem as if the person with attitude has a chip on his or her shoulder. In the world of ideas, it is advantageous to be conscious of things that need to be amended, fixed or reformed.

A highly experienced educationist once spoke to me about what it used to be like when families trusted teachers to provide guidance in the institutional context. Nowadays, there is a feeling that the families want to meddle in this important process, not always being aware of the overall context of situations and circumstances.

Thought leaders have pointed out that the education systems were designed to mould characters to conform to societal norms and mores. Each person needs to be given access to opportunities for gaining access to his or her authentic self. Perhaps this is where attitude enters the equation.

A person can acquire knowledge through art or entertainment, but most of the time the participants in those modes of communication have been groomed and moulded, to make them fit in, just as much as the educators and those they teach.

There was a time when terms such as “edutainment” and “infomercials” were cutting edge. Not much is expressed about independent thinking. Would we all derive benefit from developing those muscles?