Personal and team work

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Wanting to keep my options open, I kept up a rigorous routine of doing creative work in association with many teams, whilst also working on my personal development as an interpretative performer for many years. I remember a conversation I had with one ambitious colleague (who has gone on to make an impressive reputation in her field) and she warned me about the danger of burning myself out.

In retrospect, there have been several moments when I have felt totally exhausted, but not necessarily because I maintained my interest in different parts of the work. Usually, the moments of burn out would come if I associated with colleagues who didn’t share my work ethic and left me to carry more than my fair share of the responsibilities in a project. Nowadays I’ve learnt to be more careful about committing myself to collaborations with artists of this sort.

Having said this, I have also seen that it isn’t possible to do everything – one needs to narrow down one’s focus of activities in order to function at an optimum level. Moments of checking in with the self are hugely significant in this process.

In those moments of reflection have I regretted the choices I made before? Many of experiences I’ve been through have helped me to become the artist that I am today, so the answer would have to be negative.

One of the main things one has to be aware of is the need to listen to one’s body and to act accordingly. I am less likely to take on as many tasks now and I am more accepting of the need to sometimes just be.