Perspectives on life and range

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Folks from all walks of life have some knowledge of what it feels like to be happy, sad, elated, traumatised, etc. Circumstances and sequences of events might be different, but human beings process their thoughts and feelings in similar ways.

Time and space is often provided for explorations of varying facets of how these events occur. Perhaps there should be more attention given in some situations, but that issue can easily be addressed.

The ability of human beings to empathise and participate in telling the stories of their fellow men and women is a separate issue. The ability to hold spaces and share aspects of the human condition should be open to all of us, regardless of our heritages.

In some communities, protectionist tendencies are emerging because the world is changing rapidly and paradigms that were taken for granted in the past are being reassessed.

Change is often uncomfortable, but it is part of life.