Power of perception

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What influence does innocence have on perception? An example of this is the sequence of events recorded in The Bible about Adam and Eve. In the Garden of Eden, Eve persuaded Adam to taste the forbidden fruit, after a serpent’s intervention. Tasting the fruit changed Adam’s perception of the world, to the extent that he knew he was naked when God called him and he hid himself out embarrassment.

God was surprised that Adam was embarrassed by his nakedness. What influenced him to see things in this way? It was obvious at this point in the story that something had happened that wasn’t part of God’s plan.

How much do most adults remember about innocence and what it feels like? On one occasion I attended an event where books were given out to promote wider awareness of a particular culture. Somehow, I ended up taking two books home with me.

At a later date, I visited a friend who has an interest in the book’s subject matter. I decided to take a copy along with me, to present to him as a gift.

I gave it to him in the presence of a mutual acquaintance. The friend was happy to receive the gift and asked me where I got it from. I explained that it was a freebie from an event I attended. The mutual acquaintance suggested that I needn’t have told him it was a freebie. I had to tell him that my mind doesn’t work in that way. I had a feeling the friend would like the gift. I didn’t have any ulterior motive when I gave it to him. Did my guilelessness make me appear to be less generous?