Power to charm

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Charm is simply what it is. It has a way of winning hearts and minds, but it’s unlikely that anyone lucky enough to be endowed with this attribute is able to keep it going all of the time.

So what happens when the person who charmed you is feeling irritable or down in any way? You get to see another side to his or her character.

This observation might appear to be banal on the surface, but so many lives are affected by the feeling of having been ‘taken in’ by this trait.

In some cases it could take decades to understand this aspect of human behaviour. Patterns of interaction are formed unconsciously and a person gets caught up in going through repetitive experiences that feel unsuitable.

Some exceptionally charming people also happen to be truly generous, kind and altruistic, even when they are not switching on the wattage. This can only be discovered through getting to know them really well.