Pseuds are the new dudes

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It’s been a long time since I last had a read through Private Eye – the satirical magazine. Back in the day, I was always interested to know who had made it into Pseuds Corner –a column in the periodical, set aside for quotes from folks with a penchant for using high-falutin’ turns of phrase, out of context.

Now that it’s clear that Brexit is going to happen pretty soon, perhaps we can look forward to a time when references to Shakespearean plot lines will be used appropriately in public discourse.

Public figures with the gift of the gab are likely to capture the imaginations of their audiences much more than sanctimonious types who pretend to be ascetic. On the other hand, it would be helpful if more people could hold communicators to account when they express flawed opinions, packaged in terminology that comes with an expensive education.

Folks from any walk of life are capable of coming up with strong ideas. The same applies to displaying exemplary leadership qualities. Presentation and packaging can make a difference, but essence of a person’s character should count the most.

To quote the refrain of a well known folk song, “When will they ever learn?”