Pure hearts and minds

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Expectations are funny. Habits acquired in youth become part of the way that many folks see the world. Terms of reference can differ from place to place, but people carry them in their minds, expecting that everyone else thinks similarly.

Certain parts of London currently evoke memories for me of unspoken expectations that have ways of eventually being expressed in situations that seem to have tenuous links with the original events. The revelations are used as tools for blaming and shaming sometimes.

Learning about subtexts and contexts in human interaction can be a slow, painful process. If people are not open in expressing their expectations, how can they get what they want?

The other side of the coin is the mistrustfulness that emerges as a result of the aforementioned behavior. Some folks wonder why others refuse to engage with them. They ask questions in social media forums, implying that there is an attitudinal problem coming from those who they would like to connect with.

Social contact is an essential part of what we all need to have healthy inner lives. Most of us are familiar with the golden rule, but how much do we adhere to it in our interpersonal encounters?