Randomly stirred

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Folks from various walks of life are carrying on with their own business. Randomly, paths converge, sometimes creating serendipity for some of us and at other moments, sleepless nights.

It’s easy to suggest that one shouldn’t be affected emotionally by the thoughts or feelings generated when these moments happen, but that would be closing one’s shutters to all sorts of possibilities.

A phone call from out of the blue results in the exchange of information which was not commonly shared. Life has its way of putting many of us through the wringer when we least expect it.

Hedonism and fast living can appear to be enviable from a distance, then somewhere along the line, the hedonist has to pay the price for the high jinks experienced and the person who has led a less racy lifestyle is left, looking at the unexpected turn of events.

At the end of the day, there doesn’t seem to be a formula for dealing with all of this. We are all dealt cards, to play as we will. Luck, destiny, nature and nurturing seem to ebb and flow in various permutations for each of us. Is that all there is?