Randomness of remarkable times

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As each moment passes, there is no way of telling when one will stumble into times that will be memorable in the future. One can only reflect on what has been done later, to realise that there was something remarkable about the activity.

Having lived through many experiences of this sort, one can only aim to be humble in considering the pros and cons of any situation. We all have our desires and needs. Sometimes they work in consonance with each other and at other times, one has to accept that providence has plans for us that we haven’t considered.

Random events have ways of turning things upside down. An experience that one thinks could be a waste of time and energy or a distraction could eventually turn out to be something that makes all the difference at another point in time.

Initial encounters with certain individuals might seem to be unpromising, only to reveal further down the line that there is space for empathy and an easy flow of chemistry.

Combining integrity with flexibility can be tricky, but hopefully rewarding in the wider scheme of things.