Reading in between the lines

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It has been expressed in various ways through the ages. Skills, talents and knowledge are useful resources, but lines of communication are valued a lot more.

Understanding this point and knowing what it truly means are two separate entities. A soul singer with all the “right” credentials – coming from a credible gospel based background, association with fellow performers at the top of the showbiz tree and having a back catalogue that makes the cognoscenti swoon, could still get things wrong after so many years in the business.

In an ideal world, everyone would get a fair crack of the whip at making their dreams come true, but in reality, several factors need to be in alignment before anyone “hits the spot”.

Going with the flow could be a clichéd approach to dealing with life, but the current sometimes carries people in directions where they can make the most of their attributes.

Attentiveness to one’s inner voice and patience are probably of paramount significance.