Recognising changes

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Recent years have ushered in fundamental changes in the intellectual property sector. The dreams some of us had as youngsters about models of reaching out to audiences are no longer tenable. It takes conscious awareness to know that one needs to change one’s goals and habits. Some might find it easier to do this than others.

The political landscape looks like it is going through a similar transformation. Folks of my generation may have looked at the leaders of previous eras and hoped to achieve similar aspirations. But everything is rapidly changing, right in front of us.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is actually irrelevant. It is more important to be aware of what is happening around us and to be actively present in the moment.

If we can model this practice for those who will come after us, they will have the tools to deal with the demands of the times when they will need to make choices and decisions to keep things going.

At the heart of everything, it makes sense to know what we stand for. Are we making a constructive or destructive difference in the world?