Recollection and appreciation

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Several years ago, I visited the campus of the university I attended in my teenage years. It felt eerie, walking on pathways I frequented as a callow youth. In that moment of recollection, I didn’t think much about the bonds of camaraderie that I formed with others.  Associations that became became significant at later stages of my personal growth in some cases.

Locations and settings are useful in enabling these relationships to happen, but it’s the connections we make that help to shape patterns and trajectories.

A large proportion of the world’s population is grounded at present. Overcoming the discomfort of not being able to get around as freely as we are accustomed to, we make more of an effort to reconnect with those we haven’t seen or heard from for ages.

Some people are not motivated to travel long distances. Those of us who did so in the past are probably thankful for the opportunities we took as they arose. Who knows what will happen to the travel industry in the near future?

Touching base with peers and contemporaries helps us to reassess who we are and how much we have grown. This is worthy of appreciation.