Rekindling interest

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In a recent chat, a friend was scandalised to learn that I have lost interest in the Brexit issue. His feeling is that the fortunes of the UK will be severely affected by the outcome of the current wrangling, for better or worse. We should all be watchful, so the politicians don’t botch things up.

My response is that the politicians have created the mess, so they should get on with rectifying the situation.

Brexit has been hanging over our heads like a huge storm cloud for too long. Politicians have used it as a series of stepping stones to advance their personal ambitions. Meanwhile, the voters have come to realise that it isn’t as simple a matter as we were told it would be, for the UK to extricate itself from the EU.

I wonder if I’m alone in thinking that Doris Day was onto something when she sang “Que sera, sera”?

The fatigue and boredom that I’m feeling from observing the sequence of events unfolding is likely to have a broader impact on democratic politics in the UK for a long time to come.