Relationships with time

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Timeless art doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. It just needs to transcend preconceived notions about evoking a specific point in time.

Some communities have produced timeless art which is taken for granted by those who grow up within them. Folks from other backgrounds see and hear the transcendental qualities and draw inspiration, to produce new creations.

The new creations find their own audiences, readers and viewers and people from the initiating communities start paying attention. Sometimes they want to receive credit for coming up with the original ideas. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as they learn the lesson about treating the timeless art of their forebears with respect.

Living in the present moment is healthy. We can all produce new objects of lasting value. Lessons can be learnt from the past that can help us in this regard.

Trendiness has its moments, but timelessness is constant.