Release from conditioning

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Partially due to effective conditioning, a vast amount of potential has not been developed or exposed to the world. Is it possible that education systems could have done better for millions of people through the years?

It has been reported that mass education systems in many countries were designed to control mindsets as much as possible, aiming to shape people’s aspirations towards becoming functionaries for those who managed to gain access to literacy in earlier generations.

As a result of this, some folks who would normally be listened to as bearers of information about the amassed knowledge of their cultures and traditions are not given the airtime to do what they are capable of doing.

Popular culture and the mass communications industry have opened up new spaces for those whose voices are often unheard, which is encouraging, but the minds behind those voices still need to be galvanised into processing thoughts, feelings and ideas, so they can be shared and disseminated.

What needs to happen next?  Perhaps a few people should make the effort to overcome their inhibitions, so they can set examples for many others.

First published on on the 22nd of January 2020