Responses to hearsay reports

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News can be like a runaway horse or speeding train that’s out of control nowadays, so it makes sense to be careful about responses or gestures based on hearsay evidence.

It is inevitable that all of us have to deal with personal loss at one point or another. Sadly, this is a fact of life. Processing emotions in such moments is a matter for each individual, of course.

Traditions have put behavioural modes into place for many folks. Sometimes these can be helpful, since they provide relatively easy ways of expressing sympathy and solidarity when we see others going through difficult times.

The immediacy of contemporary communication tools has made it possible for information to be circulated swiftly, but it also creates situations where people feel they are in touch with each other, when in actual fact they might not have seen each other for decades.

When the news arrives about the demise of such a person who was once in regular face to face contact with me, sometimes I feel discombobulated.  Are there right and wrong ways of dealing with such situations?

First published on on the 18th of January, 2020