Searching for the perfect look

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Those who make an impact on others for being easy on the eye or virile often have to deal with the reality of diminishing returns as they age. They help to keep cosmetic surgeons and other affiliated operatives in business. Others grow into the best looking versions of themselves later in life, without any enhancements. Many who have offspring have to deal with expectations that they should look and act their ages, but in actual fact these notions are mainly constructs that human beings have created, because of our inclination towards categories.

Codes of dressing are interesting, because there are many who take them very seriously. I have experienced situations where people have told me to dress in ways that they approve of, if we were to develop our friendships. My usual response in those situations is to move on, swiftly.

Earlier in life, I noticed quite a few guys in my age range who decided to do outré things, such as having tattoos all over their faces. I always wondered what they would do if they changed their mindsets later in life and wanted to gain access to more formal circles. I haven’t seen them in recent years to see how they aged.

My instincts as a performer stopped me from doing anything too adventurous in that regard. I always wanted to have the option of transforming my look in a wide variety of ways, so I chose to keep my appearance as a blank canvas.

There is nothing wrong with a man being creative in the way he dresses, however. We should aim to do the things that float our individual boats, while we still can.