Seasonal colour

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It was the day that I commented on the delayed process of leaves changing colour this autumn that I started to see some changes. Normally around this time of year, I’m used to seeing bare trees, but everything seems to be moving in slow motion, so I can see yellow leaves on the big boss tree outside my living room window. They haven’t started their process of falling in large numbers as of yet.

The yellow or golden colour of the leaves is easy on the eye and it evokes feelings of imminent festivities. I feel a strong affinity with the ambience of this time of year, perhaps because I was born in this month myself.

In a conversation I had with a colleague recently, we mused about global warming and whether the delayed process of seasonal change had anything to do with it. I’m not so sure, because I can remember Januarys from many years ago when the weather was mild, so it is hard to be specific about what’s going on.

Yellow is a colour that I associate with personal good luck, so the view outside my window fills me with optimism. Obviously there are pros and cons to any given situation, so I’m aiming to be panoramic in my perception.

Some other colleagues have gone into Scrooge mode and are complaining that there is an unseemly haste to start preparing for the end of year festivities, but being of Yoruba heritage, I’m not one to turn my back on a good time or any excuse to celebrate things. Let the festive times roll..