Seeking comfort in nostalgia

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The singer glided onto the stage. She was appearing in a supporting role in the ensemble, but she knew she had memories of experiences in a location that most of the audience members were not privy to. Perhaps the nostalgia was being presented in a more rosy hue than the way things actually were, but this didn’t matter in that moment. It was all about the ambience being evoked.

Photogenic in maturity, she was also a committed artist who had paid her dues, touring and recording. She had done her bit to raise awareness about an important cause. Then the times changed and the resulting social upheaval created a new vacuum.

It was true that the changes might have been gradual, possibly appearing to be cosmetic in a freeze frame, but the fact still remained that her people had been heard and their activism had achieved a result. What could she sing about in the new state of affairs?

We can draw inspiration from any point in time that we choose. Investing time and energy in cultivating new habits might seem outlandish to some entrepreneurs, but artists need to keep their eyes, ears and minds open.

In other fields of endeavour, people are often encouraged to think about continuing professional development. Shouldn’t performing artists also do this?