Seesawing weather

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At this moment of seasonal change, the weather seems to be undecided about whether it wants to be mild or chilly. Cold weather is sometimes used as an excuse by some folks to drink hot toddies or neat shots of spirits. I have been told time and time again that the alcohol in whisky, gin or rum will fortify my body against the elements.

On the other hand, I have also learnt that alcohol opens up a person’s skin pores, so they become more susceptible to feeling coldness. I am inclined to agree with this notion.

So even though the darkness of the late afternoons makes me think of mulled wine and other similar beverages, I tend to be wary of drinking them. The calorific content of mulled wine is another issue to be considered.

The indecision of the climate is still affecting trees, as I have noted in other recent musings. It also means that I am not sure whether I want to use steam rooms or not. The summer months gave me ample opportunities to perspire, both at home and in Zanzibar.

I wonder what the climate is like in Scandinavian countries at present. If they are also experiencing this odd seesawing of temperatures, then perhaps we need to accept that there is a major issue to be faced in the near future, with regard to global warming and climate change.