Self knowledge

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Travelling on the road to self acceptance is unique and personal. The sights and scenes along the way can be mysterious to others. Folks may observe a person at close quarters and believe they know what makes him or her tick, when in actual fact they are only able to see what’s on the surface. Each of us is more equipped to find our true selves than anyone else is.

No ideas are new under the sun, so these thoughts could come across as banal to some readers, but there is no substitute for truly knowing oneself. We can keep on moving, one foot after the other in a constant state of being works in progress, but when a moment of illumination arrives, it can only be experienced as a personal discovery.

Perhaps this is the reason why so much spiritual practice encourages individuals to look within. As a piece of a complex jigsaw puzzle, each of us has a contribution to make to the big picture, but we can only find our rightful spaces when we connect with the source of the overview.

Ecstatic experiences have their uses. We should all know what it feels like to get outside of ourselves. Knowledge of those sensations can be helpful in leading us to our destinations, but they’re unlikely to take us all the way home.

Is there more that education systems can do to point each of us in the appropriate directions to find ourselves?