Sharing our stories

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Important stories about the human condition are being created constantly, all over the world. Conditioning about development and advancement has given some of us a viewpoint that all the exciting, dynamic things are happening anywhere apart from where we are. This is a pity, because it means they feel self conscious about sharing their experiences with everyone else.

Washing dirty linen in public can be either helpful or damaging, depending on the context in which a story is told. How can we tell whether or not we are being constructive in offering information? A lot is dependent on our minds being present and aware of the potential impact of sharing what we have to say.

Video clips are frequently shared on WhatsApp and other platforms. All the content was created by people who dared to show up and let others know what they think or how they feel about things. Can the same be said for those who simply post other people’s statements?

In other cases, folks who express their ideas openly are bullied on the same platforms. What is triggering those who feel the urge to gag others? Could it be rooted in envy?

What would happen if everyone could be encouraged to freely share his or her own stories?