Signing the contract

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A media personality recently made and circulated a video clip in which he spoke about a social contract. Using that idea, it is easy to look at matters and infer that contracts can sometimes come up for review and can also be renegotiated.

Is there only one social contract in a society? I am inclined to believe that there are many contracts within any community. Sometimes, individuals don’t even get a chance to negotiate terms. They are simply expected to fall in line and ‘get with the programme’.

Much has been expressed about the way this energy works on an interracial basis, but sometimes it is useful to examine the prevailing attitudes within communities who share the same race, gender, faith or other similar feature.

One insight that has been made widely available in recent times is the idea that we should all have access to opportunities to actualise our real selves.

If we choose to follow through on this with a sense of responsibility, then we might witness some positive changes in group dynamics.