Skiving off from the gym

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After my performance of Afonja’s Minstrel yesterday, I decided to give myself a break from regular gym attendance, for a day at least. All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. I’m just going to be myself for a day, instead of trying to do industrious things, as usual.

In recent years, I have found regular gym attendance has become a substitute for going to the pub or club, which is what I used to do in my misspent younger days. There is a community of folks who also go to the gym frequently. We don’t necessarily talk to each other, but we know we are all present.

Apart from the feeling of being amongst familiar faces, there is the added bonus of doing something healthy. Looking at mature folks through the years, it seems to me that being in constant motion is nearly as important as breathing, eating or sleeping.

I don’t see many Muscle Marys at my local gym. Obviously, there are folks who have ambitions to develop Olympian physiques and I hear people discussing their routines and plans to reach that destination.

Has anyone had the idea of developing a soap opera for television that focuses on life in a gym? I think it could be a bold step forward.