Snapping out of playing safe

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Methods and approaches to getting work done exist for good reasons. They make some people feel safe and secure. They can also save time, effort and energy.

This does not mean that any particular way of doing things is the best or only way to get great results. True creative processes don’t have to be the same as formulas.

Many folks are attracted to the arts because they seek opportunities to be creative. The business of being involved in the arts tends to erect boundaries that place limits on how often practitioners get those chances.

Out of the blue, moments appear when an artist can take the bull by the horns to really play and experiment with possibilities. Resigned to the idea of being a cog in a wheel, the artist is confronted with challenges to sort out. Having the freedom to create and play leaves some of us feeling discombobulated.

The key issue here is to see the wood for the trees and seize the opportunity while it is available.