Sounds of motion

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Since my days of actively going to night clubs are over, nowadays I get to hear rave music mainly in my local gym. I tend to be most conscious of the sounds when I do some cardiovascular warming up on a cross trainer. By the time I’ve moved on to doing other exercises, my mind is no longer paying attention to the music.

It would be nice to say that there is a lot of creativity in the sounds that I hear. Sadly, it seems as if most of the themes are recycled versions of songs from the past.

In a system of playlists that is similar to those found on airline flights, the music tends to be too four square to hold the attention of anyone who has actively taken an interest in the history of club music.

As it happens, there are several high flying club deejays that use the facilities. On many occasions, we have prolonged conversations about some of the most sophisticated purveyors of groovy music, while the thumping of techno drones on in the background.

The gym attendants usually get on with their work, but one or two of them occasionally strike blows for good taste, by removing the prepared playlists and replacing them with more attractive sounds. Who decides what to include on the playlists?