Space for our souls

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I believe our souls have the capacity to transcend geographical boundaries and cultural limitations. The fact that our journeys might have started in one place has very little to do with where we are going and where we might reach in a life time.

In many African countries, people make assumptions about their fellow human beings, based on the localities that their forebears emerged from. Folks from other parts of the world also have their own views regarding perceived notions of identity. Everyone is entitled to hold opinions, of course.

We can curate new versions of ourselves and also acknowledge the baggage we carry from past experiences. Most of the time, we’re too busy dealing with the minutiae of our daily existences to maintain an overview on where we are going.

Clumsy conversations in public spaces are bound to happen, since everyone is working through a unique and personal process. Again, it is helpful to take a detached view of such encounters.

Who knows what we can learn about ourselves when we get tangled up in situations where we are misunderstood?