Spaces for creativity

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Much has been expressed about creativity, by all sorts of people. It has been suggested that each of us has the capacity for making things that are spurred by our imaginations. Educationists have a lot to say about the usefulness of developing the muscles used in such activity for learners of all ages, for enhancing the quality of their lives.

Prosperous societies tend to make space for the nurturing of such work. In parts of the world where most people have fewer opportunities, there is less being done.

Having lived in both well heeled and down at heel environments, it is clear to me that the urge to create is alive and well everywhere. Some places have more diversity in modes of expression than others.

Some composers of African heritages were given access to creative vocabularies in their countries that opened new vistas and possibilities for the music making in their communities. In many cases, they struggled to get their works heard, or moved from the page to the stage, because of limited resources, with regard to the training of performers and even audience engagement.

Happily, we seem to be moving into a transitional era, and soon the works of these composers might be performed and listened to more frequently. Hats off to the movers, shakers and stake holders who are helping to usher in this new development