Spaces to discover

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Experimentation is usually associated with scientists, but the inclination towards wanting to discover what will happen if one tries something different or unusual cuts across the full range of callings.

Colleagues who I met and collaborated with several decades ago may have achieved high levels of notoriety for being single minded in achieving their goals. Maybe they get their kicks from doing other things in their personal lives, but some of us need to constantly push the boat out to experience new sensations.

In recent times, coming across others who realised that the artist’s journey was not fulfilling or secure enough for them, they wanted to know if I am still stimulated by what I do.

Sticking to a textbook approach to doing things can sometimes yield material dividends, if one is fortunate enough to hit the jackpot, but one of the perks of being an artist is the possibility of being inspired by discoveries on a creative journey.

If there is such a thing as a person having a hinterland, then aren’t exploration and experimentation the most suitable means of developing that space?