Spurts of growth

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One of the interesting things about the current interest in climate change is the way that the possible disruption of seasons, elements and nature’s cycle could be regarded as a symbol of the randomness of personal growth.

For most human beings, there are expectations about patterns of growth or development. We are supposed to have acquired specific skills at particular points in time, for example. When we notice situations that go against the norm in this regard, we sometimes speculate about the possibility of something having gone wrong.

Within the universality of our experiences, there are many variations which are not always recognised for what they are. Is it possible that life could become much more fascinating than it appears to be on the surface if we learn to accept the breaks we’ve been dealt?

It makes sense that most of us can only achieve certain goals if we have access to appropriate forms of stimuli at the moments in life when we are equipped to make the most of opportunities, but is this the end of the story?

It ain’t over till the overgrown person vocalises. Or is it?