Striving for perfection

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I received a message through a psychic recently, that nobody can be perfect.  That I just have to accept who I am and what I have. To stop being so hard on myself. I accepted the message gratefully, as I would like to cut myself some slack, but that doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t keep on striving for perfection wherever I can.

The approach I take to making things happen needs to adhere to the highest standards possible, and needless to say, I aim to create products and outcomes that are also of the best quality that I can attain. One of the main areas of conflict that I have dealt with in my artistic career is the way that these ambitions of mine can be sometimes compromised when I work with teams that don’t have similar objectives.

Obviously, everyone is likely to say they aim to present their best work whenever they can. But making promises, mission statements or manifestos of this sort are not the same as putting them into action.

People also have varying degrees of energy, drive or ambition. “Why do we have to work so hard for the same money we could earn from jamming with others?” was the constant unspoken complaint that I sensed from some artists that I have associated with through the years.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a simple, easy life. Maybe I need to strive for perfection in my choice of associates and colleagues.