Style, image and making a mark

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Presentation is key, it seems. Influences from an era that was preoccupied with “style” and “image” have left their mark. The tools of the trade keep on developing, but the ideas behind the scenes remain more or less the same.

One can choose to be a “picker” or wait for moments to be “picked”, but the sounds, colours, textures, words and messages are the things that really count.

Being in a place that has infrastructure, branding and endorsements from people with power has its advantages, but times move on. Hardly anything lasts forever.

In other words, we can all express the ideas we want to share with others. It shouldn’t matter whether we do this in a palace or a hovel. “Hitting the spot” or making an impact on hearts and minds produces lingering memories.

Eventually, we look back on those moments and they only matter to those who were present. With any luck, they draw inspiration from the events and go forth into the world to do similar things for others.