Styles and profiles

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In athletics, short distance runners might seem to have more glamorous public profiles than those who specialise in middle and long distances.

Perhaps this is due to the spectacle of seeing people running at top speed. It is probably more exhilarating to watch, from an observer’s point of view.

Eventually, all the champion runners get similar medals and rewards for their skills. A long distance runner who brings more to his or her performance than the physical act of running can gain access to the fringe benefits of success, just as much as those who run 100 and 200 metres.

Being an artist isn’t exactly the same as being an athlete, but there is the possibility that those who stay in the arts for the long haul might eventually receive similar levels of recognition to those who might be regarded as “over night sensations”.

Understanding one’s motivation for being present and being focused in commitment can make all the difference to an artist’s journey.