Symbols, signs and wealth creation

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Human beings are known to use symbols to make meaning. Other living creatures have been perceived making signs and giving signals, but it doesn’t seem as if symbols are part of their communication tool kits.

It is possible that human development into civilisations could be linked to the extent that we value symbol making. Once we learn basic survival skills, we can start looking at ways and means of thriving. The symbols that we see or hear teach us how to do these things.

Maturity gives us opportunities to appreciate and savour the depth and range of information available to us all.  Occasionally, a person is able to provide unique insights into what it means to be human from an early age, but in most cases, it takes time to develop gravitas.

The generation of wealth through the efforts of entrepreneurs is also an important factor in the process of building communities and societies that work. Are there times when the needs, wants and urges of the symbol makers synchronise with those of the business people? Maybe there are.

Perhaps there are many other moments when we should accept that we all have different roles to play within our eco-system.