That’s what time can do

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It’s funny the way that time works. Trends and attitudes that once appeared to be innovative and fresh faced only have to be around for a while to become as old fashioned as everything else. The nature of life is that there always new faces, names, voices emerging. So what does this mean for those of us who would like to create things that can stand outside of time?

I am inclined to appreciate timeless values and products created by those who came before me. What is it that makes some forms of expression more enduring than others?

The human race has been through a vast number of changes with regard to the sharing of cultural knowledge. Some folks are fortunate enough to be born and bred at suitable moments in history for their voices to be heard through everything. Others have to work through various challenges to find spaces to establish communication lines with their communities.

For folks of African descent, these are particularly fuzzy times. It could be the same for people of other heritages, but it is obvious that now is a difficult moment to coax our fellow humans away from feelings of distraction, perhaps due to the oversaturation of information available via the internet.

The timeless artefacts created by our forbears were presented in simpler contexts. Yet we need values for the times we live in, possibly more than ever.